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Best School ERP of India-CAMPUSDEAN Now Available in Punjab

Punjab-the land of five rivers is the 20th-largest Indian state in terms of area. It is the 16th-largest by population and 14th largest state economy in India. However, it ranks 3rd in the human development index among all Indian states.  Punjab is [...]

Make your Christmas Happier with CAMPUSDEAN Offer

Christmas Offer Flat 20% Off on School ERP Software! It’s a festive time, folks. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. The holiday season is an amazing time of the year. We are giving you some exciting Christmas discount offer [...]

TOP 5 Features of School Management Software

A good school campus management software is just like a Master Clerk. It handles all the work related to data management. As it looks after the data that a school has collected and is gaining every day, we want our school management [...]

5 Innovative Methods and Strategies Teachers Should Follow to Teach Effectively

Teachers are most revered in society because they shape the future of young minds, and give wings to the dreams of many children. They work hard to help children contribute to the making of a better society. They make us better social [...]

Effective Tips for Financial Management in Schools

Education in India is provided by the Public schools and Private schools.Public schools are funded by centre, state, and local government. Private schools run on the tuition fees and donations received from charities. In both domains, the effective management of the funds [...]