School Management Software is a very useful and helpful software for schools. It brings all the manual tasks to the digital platform. It increases the efficiency and accuracy of all work also It helps to save time and resources for the school. So school ERP is now a very basic requirement of every school.

All tasks become smooth, communication becomes better and faster. Information sharing which is one of the pillars on which the successful management of the school depends, is made quite more manageable, reliable, and faster. Most importantly teachers can save time and, this time can be effectively used by teachers to answer more queries and questions of students. School management software makes all information available to members of school management in no time. Access to the right information on time helps managerial members to make better decisions, which ultimately helps a school to improve its quality of education and grow.

Schools need to be very careful while choosing and buying the right school management software. Concerned authorities of the school should gather information regarding the school software quite thoroughly.

A school management software handles a vast amount of data of students, teachers, staff, and all direct and indirect members of the school. Hence a school management software must be chosen after stringent inspection of its features, modules, performance, and security features.

School Management Software Modules 

Basic Modules Required in School Management Software are:

    1. Admission Management Module: This module helps to handle all processes related to admissions right from taking inquiries and admission tests to issuing leaving certificates. It is a complete online process. With the help of student admission management module school can create customised reports and filters. We can collect the students data and manage through software after that we can filter the details and provide admissions to the students and collect the fees. So the entire admission process is covered in this module.

    2. Fee Management Module: This is a very helpful feature and must be required in school softwares modules. It makes fee collection very easy, fast, and timely. The complete process becomes automatic. Schools can collect fees through the online payment portal. The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also given the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle either applicable.

    3. Attendance Management Module: Taking attendance becomes very prompt. There are graphs and charts to analyze the attendance of students and staff. It becomes very easy to see the attendance record of a day, week, month, or a year. Attendance management is the process of preventing employee time theft by tracking employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks, and time off. His module also covers online student attendance, absent or half day leave timings.

    4. Student Details Management Module: Editing and updating student’s data becomes very easy, fast, and systematic. With the help of this module, the ID-cards of students can be generated at once. The student module enables you to store all personal, academic, professional and history data regarding a student, his/her parents, and his/her siblings.

    5. Timetable Management Module: This module is superbly helpful for teachers and the school. Designing timetables for classes or exams, possible with a few clicks due to school management software. With the help of this module creating a time table for students of each class easily and effortlessly.

    6. Transport Management Module: It is very helpful for schools that have their fleet of buses and vans. You can track the real-time location of the bus, which ensures the safety of students and staff while traveling. School transportation modules make concise use of data related to transportation with detailed information about vehicle, vehicle student mapping, route fare mapping, maintenance and its expenses, drivers/ conductor details etc. for better student security and time management.

    7. Report Management Module: Schools generate and maintain quite a large number of records every day. Reports can be generated in any format as per ICSE, CBSE, or state boards. This module makes it very convenient to handle all records quite effectively. With the help of report generated module teachers can easily get the perfect results and accurate percentage or grading report. Admin can generate various kinds of reports also.

    8. Examination Management Module: Make exam timetables in one go without involving more than one staff. Mark’s assessment, and preparation of report cards become very easy, and automatic. Exam module is mandatory to any school system ,and this module is great in terms of features provided.

    9. Account Management Module: Handle all the data effortlessly and with complete accuracy. This module increases transparency and accountability. It improves and strengthens the financial health of the school. Account module is very helpful to manage balance sheets or we can say debit credit records. This module helps to manage students fees related information, employees salary or other school expenses information easily managed by this module.

    10. HR Management Module: It helps to generate a salary report on one click. It provides a complete solution to handle every aspect related to the staff( teaching or non-teaching) with ease and accuracy.

School Management Software

These are some of the school management software modules that are very important. Basic modules in School ERP are necessary for schools and colleges.

CAMPUSDEAN is one such school management software that makes management of school databases and tasks super easy, fast, and efficient. It is a cloud-based school management system that handles everything on an online platform.

This school management software reduces the time taken to do daily clerical tasks of the school. It helps in the timely delivery of reports. This school management system makes information sharing and communication better and faster. CAMPUSDEAN- school ERP has all the essential modules for the working of a school. Here, we will throw light upon the important and basic modules in school ERP.

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