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CAMPUSDEAN Is Very Useful To Small Educational Institutes

Are you a school owner? Does your school have limited standards? Do you have less manpower? Are you facing to manage the day to day activities for the school? Difficulty to manage student data, employee data, school data? Then we have a [...]

Why Do Schools Need LMS During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

In these uncertain times of pandemic Covid-19. Our lives have been affected like never before. But the hope and willpower of humans are making it possible to fight this situation. People all over the world are trying to keep up with their [...]

Now CAMPUSDEAN Is Available All Over India

School software is specifically designed for schools and colleges. It makes the working of a school or college much more efficient. It helps to save time and resources for the schools and colleges. With the help of school management software, all manual [...]

10 Basic Modules That Must Be In School Software

School Management Software is a very useful and helpful software for schools. It brings all the manual tasks to the digital platform. It increases the efficiency and accuracy of all work also It helps to save time and resources for the school. [...]

Best School ERP of India-CAMPUSDEAN Now Available in Punjab

Punjab-the land of five rivers is the 20th-largest Indian state in terms of area. It is the 16th-largest by population and 14th largest state economy in India. However, it ranks 3rd in the human development index among all Indian states.  Punjab is [...]