Are you a school owner? Does your school have limited standards? Do you have less manpower? Are you facing to manage the day to day activities for the school? Difficulty to manage student data, employee data, school data? Then we have a solution for you. The campusdean school management software provides a solution, especially for the small school size.

This article will show you how school management software can help the schools to manage their day to activities. Most of the schools use school software which is mainly designed for schools. Our online school software campusdean gives you all the benefits in one single software. It is one of the best school management systems in India. It is available in many cities like Ranchi, Punjab, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Indoor, Mumbai and many other cities also.

Campusdean Features:

Campusdean is the best school management software all over the country. This software has special robust security features that help to keep safe in the database of the schools. It has some special modules which attract the people most.

  • Student and Staff Details Management
  • Fee Management
  • Examination Management
  • Attendance Management 
  • Inventory Management
  • Admission Management
  • Account Management 
  • HR Management
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Bulk SMS Facility

School Management Software

Benefits of Using CAMPUSDEAN for Small Size School:

  • Campus dean school software contains three superb mobile apps which are teacher app, parent, app and Admin app which help to connect the teachers, parents, and the members of the school management.
  • It helps to update the database of the school’s central. When every admin, teacher, or any authorized person updates the data in the software, it will be implemented in the whole software which anyone can be used.
  • It helps the workers of the school to make the work easy, reduce manpower, and manage online data which is secure.
  • With the help of campusdean virtual class, teachers can take online classes during the lockdown period
  • It helps the teachers to complete their task even from their homes.
  • parents can get all the updates of their child’s activities. This software helps to see the child’s homework, class timetable, exam timetable, attendance, report card, etc. the parent’s app of campusdean does this for them.
  • Teachers can manage the marks of the students, which can be updated by teacher mobile app
  • Manage or update the attendance of the staff and the students, etc.
  • Make easy admission processes.
  • It helps to create new registrations anywhere at any place.
  • It generates the admission number automatically.
  • This software saves manpower.

How the School Management software helps the small educational institutions

Campusdean school software is a very secure and reliable software. It is the best school ERP in all over the country. 

  • Admission Management: It helps to continue the admission process. You can easily filter all the details of the students after getting their details. It is a very fast online process.

    • Easy and Fast Registration
    • Clears Inquires
    • Mid-year joining
    • Inter-Branch Transfers
    • Record previous Institute’s Details
    • Student Data management in bulk
    • Maintain error-free Student profile
    • Generate Unique Registration Number of students
    • Upload Student photo and all documents
    • Schedule tests and interview for the admission
    • Generate Custom Report
  • Fee Payment: This software helps to make a list of fee payments and send reminders automatically to the parents. With the help of campus dean schools can collect online fee collection.

  • Attendance Management: This software contains graphs and charts. These help to take attendance of the students and staff.

  • Data Control: You can easily edit the students’ data. It is a systematic process. The database is very secure on the server. Anyone can access anytime, anywhere to access the software database.

  • Managing Timetable: It helps to maintain the class timetable and exam time table, syllabus, lunchtime and exam time, etc.

  • Managing School data: Schools have to maintain every day many details which are not possible to maintain accuracy. The school management system is helpful to save the data which can be connected with every department.

  • Salary Management: It helps to maintain the salary of the staff. This software helps to make a chart of salary and filter all the staff’s names according to their salaries.

  • Report Management: This software helps the schools manage the weekly reports of each student easily. The software can generate different types of reports, whichever you want to customize.

  • HR Management: This software helps to prepare salaries on one click. It can create the charts easily and make that accurate.

  • Transport Management: Some schools have buses and vans. This software helps you to track the location of the bus. It is done only for the safety purpose of the students and staff traveling.

Our software CAMPUSDEAN is the most reliable and secure school management software in the country. It offers the best qualities that must be used by small educational institutions. That’s why, if you think to use, affordable school software, we are always there for you.