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CAMPUSDEAN Best Online Classroom Software in 2020 Lockdown

Corona cases increase rapidly all over the world and in India now it is on a high level. Corona spreads very easily, so no cases are increasing day by day. The Government declared lockdown in 2020 so all the sector was closed [...]

Campusdean Provides You Budget Friendly School Management Software

In pandemic situations like COVID-19, the whole country is undergoing tough times. The GDP of INDIA has fallen sharply for the first time in history. The hike in the price value of anything is so obvious. In these tough times where schools [...]

Why Do Schools Need To Adopt Digitalization?

We are running in the 21st century where technology knows no limits. From the last few years technology has grabbed the stairs of development. Smart phones, laptops and tablets are no more unknown words. Since, 2020 is the digitalization era, where technology [...]