Corona cases increase rapidly all over the world and in India now it is on a high level. Corona spreads very easily, so no cases are increasing day by day. The Government declared lockdown in 2020 so all the sector was closed for approximately 2 months. It has affected every sector line education, textiles, agriculture, construction, etc. After the open a lockdown still education sector doesn’t allow physical education to the student. Online education or virtual classroom or online classes are taken by the schools, colleges, coaching classes, etc. There are so many virtual classroom software available in India. CAMPUSDEAN is one of the best online virtual classroom software.

A digital classroom is a web learning environment during which students and teachers interact via the technical tools provided by the software program. Virtual classroom software is utilised by educational institutions to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality available in a traditional classroom environment. CAMPUSDEAN provides online classroom software which conducts online classes between teachers and students. With the help of the internet we can conduct virtual classrooms. It is very easy to teach the students. CAMPUSDEAN is very easy to operate and secure online classroom software. It is a fully digitized learning curriculum model followed worldwide. You can check our software for free trial. Check the online demo of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software.

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During the covid-19 station children sacrifice their study. Schools and colleges decide to take online lectures and provide proper education to every student so they do not miss any lecture or not affect their studies. Approx 45 minutes to 1 hour per lecture allocated to the teachers to take the online class. With the help of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software, teachers can take online classes which conduct in bulk. Teachers can add students in the online class. In the preschool or primary school online class parents are also sitting with their children so they can understand what teachers teach to their children and explain them.

With the help of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software now teaching is very easy. This technology helps teachers and students to provide online education.

In CAMPUSDEAN Virtual Classroom software you get the following features:

●      Online Attendance Facility ●      Public Chat
●      Secure live streaming ●      Notes sharing
●      Advanced interactive whiteboard ●      Upload presentations
●      Live screen sharing ●      Share Videos
●      Polls and surveys ●      Easy administration

The CAMPUSDEAN digital classroom is a web studying surroundings were in college, school students and instructors engage through the technical equipment furnished with the aid of using the software program. CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software program is utilized by instructional establishments to host training remotely at the same time as retaining the capability to be had in a conventional lecture room surroundings. Moreover, online collaboration typically incorporates more communication tools, such as chat, open discussion boards, polls, multimedia content and social media.

School Management System software

Why Choose CAMPUSDEAN Virtual Classroom Software?

  • The software system will be exclusively customized as per your need
  • No other public platforms are allowed.
  • High security development to maintain data.
  • 24*7 available anywhere, anytime because it is cloud based virtual software
  • No restrictions on class time duration
  • Easy to add students
  • Multi device support software system
  • Excellent support from CAMPUSDEAN team

Contact for the demo or free trial. You can book CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom at a very special discount. CAMPUSDEN is one of the best virtual classroom software in India. You can also try CAMPUSDEAN school management software system which is very secure, useful and affordable with total customisation as per the client’s needs. Book an online free demo of school management software and know more about the software.