CAMPUSDEAN library management software system is an enterprise resource planning system for a library. It is used to keep track of books and bills. This system completely automates the work of a librarian. It takes the help of a cloud-based platform to store information.

It has a relational database that works with software to recognize the relationship between stored information. In this way, it keeps the data correctly. This software makes it very easy to keep track of books, magazines, and journals. That makes it convenient for the librarian to issue these regularly to students and teachers.

It becomes easy to search for a particular book and its quantity. When patrons issue books or return it, the data automatically updates in the system. When books do not return on time, it generates reminders. Due to this, it ensures the safety of the resources of a library.

Why use a library management system for Schools?

“So many books, so little time.”- Frank Zappa

This quote is apt for schools and colleges where there are numerous books in libraries. The library is one of the essential needs of schools and colleges. It is a knowledge bank for students and teachers. They use it to learn about new things and gain wisdom.

As students and teachers issue and return books every day. It is quite challenging to maintain such large data and update it daily. Librarian has to reconcile the books regularly to prevent them from missing. The onus lies on her in case of any loss or damage to the book.

Library automation software streamlines the data of the library. It becomes easy to buy books and record the expenses. Also, it is helpful for the librarian to issue and track library books. This software also computes the fine for returning the book late.

What Solutions Do We offer in the Library Management System?

Our Library management software saves time and money for your school.

It has a Barcode Integration, you scan the code, and save all details. There is no need to write down the details every time someone issues it. And this is an error-free way of keeping books and segregating them.

All the books in the library get a unique ID. That makes it extremely easy to track books with the same name and author. It automatically generates a list of books that are due on time. Also, you can directly calculate the late fine fees from here.

You can easily add new books to the stock. Create details of shelf and rack for storing books of a particular subject. It also helps to track the accessories with books like CDs. Similarly, it becomes simple to issue magazines and journals.

It is possible to maintain the entire stock of books with their details from a single window. It also ensures the safety of the books and the data. It is free of false manipulation, as only the librarian can access the data to make changes.

Features of the Library Management System

It helps the librarian with

  • Barcode Integration
  • Unique ID to the books
  • Details of the book due
  • Levies fine for late return
  • Adding new books in the library
  • Tracks book assigned to a student
  • Recording books issued from Library
  • Create rack and shelf details for the books
  • Details of the book issued & returned with the date
  • Tracks the accessories issued along with the book
  • Manages book details with the number, names & Author’s name
library management system

Why choose the library management system of CAMPUSDEAN?

Library Automation Software of CAMPUSDEAN keeps the records on a cloud platform. This makes it easy to access any data from anywhere at any time. Besides, this software makes the task less tedious. And it is fit for any library size.

All the essential tasks as collecting, indexing, classifying, and preparing materials becomes simple. Moreover, it becomes fast and simpler for teachers and students to issue and return books. The school management software of CAMPUSDEAN saves time and money for schools.

The data entry is based on ISBN, so organizing books is smooth. It reduces the workload of the librarian. It becomes effortless to track books and find the missing ones instantly by searching in the digital records online.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Can reminders be sent to teachers or students for not returning the book on time?

Yes, this software gives the feature to send text messages in the form of reminders to patrons who have not returned the books on time. 

Can the books be segregated according to their subjects?

Yes, it is straightforward to catalog the books and save the trouble of duplication of the data.