CAMUSDEAN School Transportation Management Software is a system that tracks the live location of school vehicles to ensure the safety of children. Shows the area in real-time to parents and school administration on map. It has two parts, GPS Tracking Device, and a User Interface.

GPS tracking device employs the use of the radio-navigation system with the help of satellites and their ground stations. The user-interface enables to access information. You can view this data on your system.

They are of two types active and passive. The passive system saves the data in the internal memory and uses it later, whereas the Active system transmits the data in real-time to the user’s device.

Why use School Transportation Software?

The transportation management system has become necessary for safety reasons. Children generally commute from school buses. Parents do not know if their child is safe or not until she/he returns home.

An increase in crime rate against children and the dangers of child trafficking forces us to take all safety measures. It is urgent and important for schools to use this software. To ensure that our children are always in a safe and secure environment.

Schools have a responsibility to make sure children are in a protective environment. Build a strong foundation of trust and security. School bus management software keeps all the information about the bus, driver, and route. This helps to monitor the school vehicles daily.

What Solutions Do We offer in School Transportation Software?

Firstly, we offer GPS tracking devices and software to monitor the location. This system is active and sends a signal in real-time. Secondly, this software is integrated with CAMPUSDEAN. So, a school can define and monitor the school transport system from here.

Our School Bus Management Software helps a school to manage their fleet perfectly. They can define the routes for all school buses. Make a list of students living at a particular location. Then orderly assign vehicles to pick and drop children.

As the school management software, CAMPUSDEAN stores all the data on the cloud platform. The details are available from any place at any time. Apps are available for school management and parents to see the location of school transport.

Features of School Transportation System of CAMPUSDEAN

The school bus tracking system takes care of the safety of our children by providing these features:

  • Define bus routes
  • Store details of the school vehicles
  • Maintain detailed reports of drivers
  • Send SMS Alert if the bus route is changed
  • Allows the parent to track the live location
  • Send instant notification to parents
  • Auto fee calculation based on stops
CAMPUSDEAN school transportation software

Advantages of CAMPUDEAN School Transportation Software

CAMPUSDEAN is the best school ERP that provides school transport software.

Parents and school management can rest assured with this facility as it gives real-time updates on Parent’s app. They need not worry about the safety of their children while traveling by school bus. It builds the trust of parents on school management, in turn, enhances the reputation of the school.

Schools can track the drivers through this app. It helps them to employ good drivers who drive safely. It gives relief if schools have honest drivers. When drivers drive the school vehicles, it helps to reduce the costs of fuel and maintenance.

Why choose the CAMPUSDEAN school transportation software?

We provide this system at a very friendly budget. You can see the location in real-time. Make routes for every bus or school vehicle optimally. Prepare student list who live in the same area. Assign the routes accordingly to optimize the fuel cost and time.

Save all the information of the school vehicle. Like, the vehicle number, vehicle type, its registration number, engine number, to its fuel type and seating capacity. You can define routes for a particular area and also change predefined layouts.

Inform the parents about the route the bus takes on which their child commutes. Make the pick-up and the drop location of every child individually. Inform parents before changing the paths. Set the time for pick-up and drop and send it a form of SMS alert.

You can store the details of the drivers: their name, phone number, and address. Set a specific driver for a particular school vehicle.

The administration can see the location of all school vehicles. They can monitor the speed and route taken by the driver and follow the transportation cost. Automatic computation of Transport fees is also present.

Parents get a notice in real-time about any change in route or time. They can view the live location of the bus in which their child is traveling on the map. This develops faith in the school administration. School Transportation module is connected with other modules like student details, student attendance, admission module, reports, etc.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions of

Can we track school buses on mobile phones?

Yes, you can. Parents can see the location of the bus in which their child travels on the map, whereas the Admin or school administration can monitor the location of all school vehicles from the management app.

Can we charge Transport Fee from the app?

Yes, you have to define the transport fee in the fee structure on CAMPUSDEAN. Then it will automatically calculate the total costs.