The Teacher Mobile Application

CAMPUSDEAN has designed ‘Mobile Apps for Teachers’ exclusively for teachers to make their tasks easier and increase their proficiency. It has made a complete reformation in the communication system between the stakeholders of the school. This app for teachers helps them to save time. The repetitive tasks of the teachers are eliminated by the Reports Module where automated reports and certificates are generated with just a few clicks. 

This online mobile app for school teachers facilitates them with 

  • Marks entry
  • Notifications
  • Photo gallery
  • Lesson Planning
  • Take attendance
  • Teacher timetable
  • Student homework
  • Access their attendance
  • Apply & Approve leave
  • Online leave application
  • Check the duties assigned
  • Leave Approval to students
  • Check the number of classes
  • Approval of Student’s leave request
  • Check their timetable from any place
CAMPUSDEAN Teacher Mobile Application

Teachers usually have extra workload after teaching that they often carry back home to finish. When these tasks are entering marks or making report cards, it is cumbersome to carry bundles of files and folders home. With this app, they can directly put the scores of students from their phone and can generate report cards from the software. Class teachers can also take attendance of students from their app just by ticking the boxes in front of the Student’s name. Making these tasks digital gives them spare time to interact more with the students and improve the learning process. CAMPUSDEAN teacher mobile application is one of the best and most trusted as well secure app for the school teachers. 

CAMPUSDEAN is the best school management software.