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Corona cases increase rapidly all over the world and in India now it is on a high level. Corona spreads very easily, so no cases are increasing day by day. The Government declared lockdown in 2020 so all the sector was closed for approximately 2 months. It has affected every sector line education, textiles, agriculture, construction, etc. After the open a lockdown still education sector doesn’t allow physical education to the student. Online education or virtual classroom or online classes are taken by the schools, colleges, coaching classes, etc. There are so many virtual classroom software available in India. CAMPUSDEAN is one of the best online virtual classroom software.

A digital classroom is a web learning environment during which students and teachers interact via the technical tools provided by the software program. Virtual classroom software is utilised by educational institutions to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality available in a traditional classroom environment. CAMPUSDEAN provides online classroom software which conducts online classes between teachers and students. With the help of the internet we can conduct virtual classrooms. It is very easy to teach the students. CAMPUSDEAN is very easy to operate and secure online classroom software. It is a fully digitized learning curriculum model followed worldwide. You can check our software for free trial. Check the online demo of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software.

School Management System software

During the covid-19 station children sacrifice their study. Schools and colleges decide to take online lectures and provide proper education to every student so they do not miss any lecture or not affect their studies. Approx 45 minutes to 1 hour per lecture allocated to the teachers to take the online class. With the help of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software, teachers can take online classes which conduct in bulk. Teachers can add students in the online class. In the preschool or primary school online class parents are also sitting with their children so they can understand what teachers teach to their children and explain them.

With the help of CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software now teaching is very easy. This technology helps teachers and students to provide online education.

In CAMPUSDEAN Virtual Classroom software you get the following features:

●      Online Attendance Facility ●      Public Chat
●      Secure live streaming ●      Notes sharing
●      Advanced interactive whiteboard ●      Upload presentations
●      Live screen sharing ●      Share Videos
●      Polls and surveys ●      Easy administration

The CAMPUSDEAN digital classroom is a web studying surroundings were in college, school students and instructors engage through the technical equipment furnished with the aid of using the software program. CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom software program is utilized by instructional establishments to host training remotely at the same time as retaining the capability to be had in a conventional lecture room surroundings. Moreover, online collaboration typically incorporates more communication tools, such as chat, open discussion boards, polls, multimedia content and social media.

School Management System software

Why Choose CAMPUSDEAN Virtual Classroom Software?

  • The software system will be exclusively customized as per your need
  • No other public platforms are allowed.
  • High security development to maintain data.
  • 24*7 available anywhere, anytime because it is cloud based virtual software
  • No restrictions on class time duration
  • Easy to add students
  • Multi device support software system
  • Excellent support from CAMPUSDEAN team

Contact for the demo or free trial. You can book CAMPUSDEAN virtual classroom at a very special discount. CAMPUSDEN is one of the best virtual classroom software in India. You can also try CAMPUSDEAN school management software system which is very secure, useful and affordable with total customisation as per the client’s needs. Book an online free demo of school management software and know more about the software.

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Campusdean Provides You Budget Friendly School Management Software Tue, 08 Sep 2020 09:44:31 +0000

In pandemic situations like COVID-19, the whole country is undergoing tough times. The GDP of INDIA has fallen sharply for the first time in history. The hike in the price value of anything is so obvious. In these tough times where schools and colleges have been closed under lockdown, only digitized teaching is possible. School management software is the only tool that makes it possible. So many options are available in the market for school management systems. But the reasonable price will depend upon the features provided by the system management software.

Taking Smart Step By Choosing Campusdean 

Since the entire nation is under financial and existential crisis one needs to take decisions very smartly. Whether it is about health or education. So, choose CAMPUSDEAN over all other school management software to get benefits at its best. Your one decision about your student’s future will take you and the student to the right path. Choose CAMPUSDEAN as it provides you budget-friendly school management software. Through statistical surveys, the average cost of secondary education is around Rs.50,0000 which is a huge amount.

By purchasing CAMPUSDEAN, the budgetary situation of schools will be benefited a lot. There will be no financial burden on principals, teachers, and parents. Contact the CAMPUSDEAN sales team for the exciting offers to purchase the best school management software system. 


The aim of CAMPUSDEAN school management software is to provide the most reliable, secure, and budget-friendly service to its users. The agenda is to grow more from small to small. Parents and schools budget planning for the education of their child or student will not suffer when you are a CAMPUSDEAN user. It has all the basic features in which one school management software should contain like-attendance, admission, staff and student details, reports, time table management, and help desk. CAMPUSDEAN helps the school to meet their expectations which is budget-friendly. You can check our different modules or book an online free demo before purchasing the CAMPUSDEAN school management software system.


Check Your Budgets Are Exactitude

Before going into the much depth of your budget planning, you should compare the previous year’s prices of the same package, so one can have the idea that they are going to invest at the right place. There should not be any kind of ambiguity in the minds of the buyer which CAMPUSDEAN ensures at its best. We are welcome to contact you if you have a low budget or want school management software in your budget. You can share your requirements and according to those requirements, we can create a package in your budget.

Planning For The Future??

If your school is looking for a better class of education in both situations like online or offline schooling, no other option is best as compared to CAMPUSDEAN. So go and visit CAMPUSDEAN right now and have the best performance and maintenance of your school at a reasonable price. School management software caters so well. Tedious and complicated office works of the schools will be done in a fraction of seconds. Similarly, all the school activities will be monitored so precisely with the help of school management software. 

Set your GOAL 

At some point in time, the budget doesn’t matter much, what matters is what you want to achieve? This can range from student values and school facilities to exam results and a more efficient institution. You must couple your goals with the resources you need to obtain these, and the subsequent expenditure required to endure them. If you avoid unnecessary spending, such as unplanned large spending as opposed to expenditure, you can keep an eye on your Spending and predict results and adjustments for the future.

Accept the TECHNOLOGICAL Change In Society

A smartly planned budget will work properly and efficiently. You should be crystal clear about every bit of your investments and then only finalize the operations. This helps the whole educational institution and motivates them to participate in such useful academic goals. Not only schools will be at the profitable side of the parents as well. These education systems will reduce the number of excess expenses like transport charges, hostel fees, uniforms, and school maintenance chargers that reduce to a great extent. Hope the ideas proposed by CAMPUSDEAN will help your school to meet all their expectations today as well as in the future too.

Smart school management software has all the features within the same package which is also a good option which reduces your mind work in finding different features in different software.

CAMPUSDEAN family wishes to provide the best school management software taking into consideration all the expectations of the school as well as parents.

CAMPUSDEAN school management software is available in Ahmedabad, Ghanadhinager, Rajkot, Surat, Bharuch Jamnager, Vadodara, Surendranager, Amreli, Mehsana in short we cover the entire Gujarat region which is our major achievement.

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Why Do Schools Need To Adopt Digitalization? Tue, 01 Sep 2020 06:42:22 +0000

We are running in the 21st century where technology knows no limits. From the last few years technology has grabbed the stairs of development. Smart phones, laptops and tablets are no more unknown words. Since, 2020 is the digitalization era, where technology is taking over every niche and corner, then why not schools?? Industries, MNC, public and private sectors are all digitized. So, schools should also be a part of this digital world. Schools should also adopt digitalization as it makes communication between parents and teachers way more easier than the traditional education system. 21st generation students are not born to be confined by the limits of simple learning; their curiosity is vast and can’t be catered with the old education system. Our old educational system lacks the capability to stand a chance in the 21st century. So we are compelled to use digitalization in our education system.

A no. of online teaching sites and Apps have already been developed. The top educational technologies trending these days are

Customer Learning Experiences: – These learning methodologies and experiences should never be the same for everyone, but the earlier education system could never accommodate the custom learning as there were too many limitations. Thanks to modern technology in education, we can really initiate custom teaching, learning methodologies and experiences in our present day education infrastructure. With modern gadgets and interfaces, now one can initiate learning based on their need, preference and availability. For instance, a lab assistant can seek guidance for a particular practical through his mobile application.

Cloud Computing: – more than any other technology cloud computing unlocked door of hi-tech education. The anytime-anywhere accessibility of information stored in remote cloud servers of the applicators made it possible to access courseware and educational material from any device and anywhere. We can continue reading a book and collaborate with other students and teachers about your task just through any device at any time. 

Speech to Text Option: – A vast majority of devices and app platforms are now coming with virtual assistance apps and features like Apple SIRI. Such smart assistants responding to voice commands make things even easier for learning. 

School Management Software

Virtual and Augmented Learning Experiences: – Virtual reality and augmented reality has come as a big boost to online education. Thanks to VR and AR learners can actually get and immersive learning experiences without needing to move their legs too much. If you want to learn about space objects just by running a 3D space video on your headgear. Students can easily explore their practical knowledge through these technologies within a fraction of seconds. Similarly, unacademy, BYjus, Pathshala and many more are in the queue of educational learning apps. Since we are going through a tough time due to Covid-19, in such a pandemic situation these apps help a lot to continue every course of life. Almost every school uses zoom, google meet, NLP & LMS for taking classes in an effective way. Students can take their classes by sitting at home. Through these apps no. of students can be connected for all sorts of school activities.

School Management Software: – It is used to manage daily school activities like dance, music, art-craft and sports. In fact Independence Day is also celebrated in every school through these apps only. There is a particular management system ERP through which individual schools manage their daily school  activities like student  online attendance, online fees collection, timetable management, online marks entry, automatic result generation. School mobile apps catered a lot in easy and accessible communication between parents and teachers whether it is a school event or parent meeting. In the tough time of a pandemic like COVID-19 these management systems serve secure, fast, paperless, and time-saving results. CAMPUSDEAN is the best school  management software out there with highly efficient, affordable, and user friendly software.

School Management System

Biometric System:- For attendance biometric software and machines are used. Biometrics is unique physical and behavioral characteristics that can be used to automatically identify individuals. Biometric technologies capture, process, and measure these characteristics electronically and compare them against existing records to create a highly accurate identity management capability. The proxy of any student is not possible in the case of biometric attendance. There are certain types of biometrics used in school like – fingerprint recognition technology which has the largest market size worldwide and has been widely adopted by many industries including schools. You can contact us for Biometric machines and Software.

Website:- In continuation to these digitized systems and to maintain other activities of school such as filling of examination forms, new registration, fee payment is managed through the website of the schools. Each school has their own website which help them to maintain their schools data and stats. Whole admission procedure is now being done through the online admission portal created by the particular school. 

Digitalization has no doubt changed our education system, but we cannot diminish the value of our old classroom learning. Everything has its pros and cons such as digitalization. The best part about the digitization of education in the 21st century is that it is combined with the aspect of both; classroom learning and online learning methods. Walking hand in hand both acts as a support system to each other, which gives the strong hold to our modern students. Digitalization in education has also proved to be the right method for saving resources. Online examination platforms have restricted the frivolous usage of paper, directly confining the cutting down of trees. This way the digitization of the education industry in the 21stcentury proves to be a boon to our society.

The provided link will lead you to the website design, school management software, biometric software and machine portal.

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Online School Management System Manage School Activities During COVID-19 Thu, 23 Jul 2020 09:32:10 +0000

During the COVID-19 situations, many schools are facing a major problem to manage the school activities as well day to day work. Managing conversation between school and parents is difficult and a very big issue. Manage student data, student activities, fee collections, teachers and student attendance, etc. work is difficult to manage in COVID-19 situations because of lockdown and they do not meet each other.

CAMPUSDEAN provides the best solutions to the school facing the problem during COVID-19 time. CAMPUSDEAN is an online school management software system that manages daily school activities like student admissions, student details, attendance, exam management, fee collections, employee leave management, payroll, appraisal, etc. CAMPUSDEAN online school management system manages daily school activities and data on cloud servers.

Online School Management System

Here are some points which shows you how CAMPUSDEAN online school management system software help you to manage the entire school work

  • Manage online student data on a cloud server so teachers and school access the data anywhere anytime

  • CAMPUSDEAN is a user-friendly school management software that helps to manage work, a conversation between students, parents, teachers and schools.

  • It is a cloud-based school management system so manage multiple school information is very easy

  • in a one-click view all summarized data like student results, employee leaves, total fees collections, over all school results etc.

  • 24 by 7 all data available so anyone can access the data who have login rights. 

  • CAMPUSDEAN provides mobile applications for teachers and students so they can easily manage the data and pass the information.

  • Through the mobile applications teachers, parents and school management get in touch so if any reports for each activity going in the school starting from admission to accounting.

  • Online payment is a very good option during the corona virus or lockdown so parents can now pay online school fees through the mobile app.

  • CAMPUSDEAN is complete online school management software is helpful to conduct online exams and provide instant results.

  • During COVID-19 online classes are very helpful to provide education. CAMPUSDEAN  Virtual Classroom is very convenient option to provide online education to the school students

  • Security of online data is very important. CAMPUSDEAN ensures the privacy of student and school data.

  • Online school management systems help to reduce paperwork, manual work and save time.

There are lots of benefits of the CAMPUSDEAN school management software system. For the online school software demo contact to the team. And we sure you will like the features of CAMPUSDEAN which is India’s best cloud based school management software system.

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CAMPUSDEAN Best Exam Management School Software in COVID-19 Tue, 14 Jul 2020 07:21:56 +0000

In 2020 all over the world are facing a problem of Covid-19. In this situation everyone faces problems like money, education, health etc. In India and speciality in Gujarat impact of COVID-19 is very crucial. During the corona, parents don’t want to send their child to the schools. Health is more important to their child. Schools provide online education through the internet and different applications. 

Almost all schools are starred in the month of June. Teachers provide online education through mobile applications. They are using applications like Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Meet etc. Teachers are conducting online education for a bunch of students. Now it’s time for exams. So some of the school softwares provides examination modules so schools can conduct the exams online anytime anywhere.

School exam management software conducts exams online, generates marks and prepares customised results. CAMPUSDEAN online exam management software allows you to create and conduct various types of exams. Teachers can create online exams by class wise, subject wise, marks wise etc. CAMPUSDEAN examination module creates or schedules online exams and generates the link which can be passed to parentes mobile or any device who is connected with the internet as well on these numbers who is registered with the school software. Studentes click on the link and appear for the exam.

CAMPUSDEAN examination software system for schools is an excellent system software that can be used effectively to create examination and questions settings for Educational Institutions like Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Center / Coaching Classes. This Online examination system is a boon for teachers and school management who spend hours on making question papers, scrutiny of answer sheets, evaluating results and preparing report- cards of thousands of students.

Exam Management School Software

CAMPUSDEAN Exam Software System Features

  • You can generate perfect error-free timetables. Saves from searching for mistakes.
  • Teachers can enter the marks directly by the software or from the teacher app of CAMPUSDEAN.
  • Saves from expenses on stationery items like register books,pens, bundles of paper.
  • Result analysis on the basis of percentage, subject, gender and caste category.
  • Customize mark sheets, certificates and reports.
  • CAMPUSDEAN online examination software module allows students to take examinations from their mobile phones as well.
  • With CAMPUSDEAN online examination software, you can create online examinations in less than 5 minutes without any hassle.
  • You can access all modules from a single-window.
  • We have more than 500 report formats to cater to all types of report making.
  • Teachers can access the modules after getting a login id.
  • It makes it very easy for teachers to enter, edit, or update any data.

CAMPUSDEAN is one of the best exam school management software system in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In the COVID-19 situation, schools can take online exams from home. If you are looking for affordable, best and top exam school management system software then contact CAMPUSDEAN team.

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