Our bulk SMS/Email service helps to send messages or emails to parents and employees in bulk. This service is beneficial and convenient to deliver a universal message to a large number of people in schools or colleges. Conventionally, schools printed notices on a large number of papers that was a time-consuming and expensive process. Now, recipients receive any standard information or notice with this facility immediately. All the users are registered, which helps in targeting everyone automatically; this saves time. As everyone receives the message at once, it removes the scope of any miscommunication. It is a reliable form of communication used by schools and colleges to inform parents about the attendance of their wards. There is assurance of delivery of information correctly to proper groups.

We provide facilities as

  • Sending transactional messages                                                  Bulk SMS
  • Sending alerts directly to parents and employees mobile
  • Sending reminders about upcoming events or activities
  • Built-in templates to save time
  • Messages in different languages
  • Security of data of contact numbers
  • Schedule SMS or emails to be sent on a later time or date
  • Enable flexible contact management
  • Merge or splits groups
  • Notifications regarding due fees

CAMPUSDEAN, the best school management system gives freedom from communicating through paper and school diaries. It increases the trust of parents and employees on school’s management for receiving correct pieces of information and notices on time. Get our best Bulk SMS/email service to promote excellent and trustworthy communication.