Timetable Management System saves time & money !!

Go digital and make your students bright.

Would you like your teachers and students to suffer due to the Timetable not prepared on time?

Would you like teaching hours getting wasted on the preparation of a master-mind timetable?

Would you like students flying paper planes, shooting bullets of chalk when two teachers go to the same class as a mistake in the Timetable?

We suppose the answer is a big NO!

The SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, CAMPUSDEAN has the TIMETABLE MANAGEMENT MODULE  that offers all SOLUTIONS. Here’s a comparison to list out the benefits that you get from it.



Age of early humans:

One destined teacher is chosen to make timetables with no tools(modern ones). She feels lost, life drags on and an error-full timetable is made after a week, in the mean-time students have the time of their lives due to this early man methodology. Periods are wasted because teachers don’t know which class to take, even if they know that, they are still confused about the subject to teach. See the plethora of problems that arise if Timetable is not prepared on time.

Age of Chandrayaan & Mission Mangal : 

Details of Teachers, Students, Classes, Subjects are fed into the software. 

How to input details? 

Of course with a mouse and a keyboard! 

Once every detail is fed into the Student Timetable Management System of CAMPUSDEAN, it gives a beautiful cake. Come on, just kidding it gives you a beautifully organized, managed, planned and prepared Timetable! 

( FREE! First-time implementation by us, we take your precious data and put it in the timetable software, saving your time & of course money. )


Age of early humans:

Human is prone to error, only exception Rajnikant. So our frustrated teacher makes one mistake and students of two-three classes enjoy that fateful confusion because nobody knows who was assigned to take that lucky class( now who doesn’t want a free class for gossiping and discussing future aspirations).

Age of quantum physics:

Sophisticated software of CAMPUSDEAN, runs complex coding hunting down errors and prevents students from getting free classes and keeps them engaged in STUDIES and CLASSWORK.


Time Table Management System

Age of early humans:

Well, nothing negative here, because they ate, slept and enjoyed. NO HARM TO NATURE in this era!

Age of global warming: 

Let us pray to Earth Goddess to protect us from pollution! Still, you can come in handy by using a digital platform to reduce the cutting of trees for making papers which are required in huge quantities by schools.


Age of early humans:

Sign language was used along with hooting, whistling, clapping, shouting, and growling for passing important information like sighting a delicious animal for lunch or brunch! Yummy

Age of Instagram: 

UNNATI INFORMATICS LLP knew the problem of language serving as the barrier in adopting useful software solution, so CAMPUSDEAN is MULTILINGUAL. So now you can’t cite language as an excuse from going digital, going online.


Age of early man:

They did not know about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle!

Age of optic fibres:

We know him, that’s why you can access THE TIMETABLE MODULE of CAMPUSDEAN from anywhere at any time from any device, just make sure you have an active data pack! 

CAMPUSDEAN has thought carefully about every problem you face in running a school with hundreds and thousands of beautiful minds, so we have created this mind-blowing SCHOOL ERP SOFTWARE to make you tension-free. 

This blog illustrates the benefits of one module THE TIMETABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and we have many such facilities available. JUST IMAGINE if one module of CAMPUSDEAN can make your work headache-free, efficient and error-free, what will happen if you get the complete package of CLOUD-BASED software CAMPUSDEAN.

Take your time to think and then we will happily take you on the ride to CAMPUSDEAN !