CAMPUSDEAN Provides Biometric Attendance System 

GujaratEducation Department announces the implementation of compulsory Biometric Attendance at private schools, as to date it was implemented only at the government-run schools for make Attendance Management System easy. This step has been taken to identify and weed out dummy schools and to help in quantifying the regular presence of students and teachers in schools. To monitor the quality of education at those schools that demand a hike in school fees by saying that they have highly qualified teachers. Most importantly, it is to prevent the arbitrary distribution of funds.

As the education system in Gujarat needs considerable improvement, this step is welcoming. It will become easy and accurate to detect problems like poor attendance of students and teachers, deficient PTR, poor quality of education, allotment of funds to dummy schools, etc.

Attendance Management System

To help out schools in complying with this decision, CAMPUSDEAN a school ERP software provides Biometric Attendance Management System with many other facilities. It has a separate app for MANAGEMENT, TEACHERS, and PARENTS from where they can keep track of attendance of teachers, students, and staff. But they can only access such data for which they have permission, keeping the records private.

CAMPUSDEAN gives several benefits. It is a complete package of school database management system. One wouldn’t have to avail of different facilities individually by paying more price. You can access the app from anywhere on any device at any time; the entire process of keeping records becomes hassle-free. The attendance records are also present in the form of graphs and comparison chart so that to conduct an analytic study to understand the reasons behind absenteeism. Especially to find the ratio of girls to boys attending schools regularly or not. Compulsory automated system of attendance will help in the assessment of mandatory education to all between 6 to 14 years of age.

We list some of the prominent features of BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM:

  • Parents are immediately informed with SMS or an email alert if their child is absent.
  • Saves a considerable amount of time in taking the attendance digitally, and it is safe from wrongful tampering. 
  • Management can look into the performance of teachers and other staff and analyze it.
  • Teachers can identify habitual absenteeism in class among a particular group.
  • Data sent to the government regarding the attendance of students studying under the RTE Act will be authentic.
  • Government will be able to make better policy regarding the standard of education in the state with accurate and timely acquisition of data. 


The compulsory biometrics system will improve the quality of our education system in the long run and help the government to educate every child. CAMPUSDEAN will help in this noble venture of the government in overall improvement and development education provided in a school. Student Attendance Management System of CAMPUSDEAN is very efficient, and many schools are already enjoying the benefits of this School Management System.

Join the league and make the standard of education in your school of world-class. We believe in our government and our schools to make us NO.1 in the field of education. CAMPUSDEAN, the best school management system is always ready to serve schools and educational institutions with utmost dedication!