Teachers are most revered in society because they shape the future of young minds, and give wings to the dreams of many children. They work hard to help children contribute to the making of a better society. They make us better social beings and integrate into us the qualities of being motivated, and positive human being. They help children to overcome various barriers and realize their full potential.

For a student, teachers are their role models and torchbearers. A teacher gave wings to APJ Abdul Kalam’s dreams and a burning flame in him to achieve it. Our teachers guide us and do not let us stray onto the wrong path. They never discriminate, every child is special to them and they are equally worried about the growth of every child and their performance.

God knows what we would have been if not for teachers. Their responsibility is huge and unparalleled. We cannot thank them enough for their selfless dedication and contribution.

Teachers all over the world are equally concerned and striving hard to improve the quality of education and make it better and worthwhile.

School management system is a useful solution for teachers to make the learning process better.

5 creative ways a teacher can use to enhance learning are:

Teaching in the form of a story

We never forget a story after listening, not just that, we also remember most of the details. Why? Story connects us strongly and deeply with a new world and our imagination, hence we can recall it easily.

Teachers can use this method to teach difficult concepts. This will help students to connect with the theory and exercise his/her imagination sharply.

Stories have the power to penetrate every type of mind, be it a little slow to perception or fast enough. Students with attention problems find it easier to understand through the medium of the story, rather than plain statements about facts.

Increasing the number of experiments

Teachers can make students participate in safe experimentation. Experiments spike the interests of students, they find it exciting to use the theories to understand it’s real-life application. They force young minds to ponder on the practicality of any information. Generally, we have experiments from class 9, but if students are encouraged to experiment from primary classes, they will develop a deeper thirst for knowledge.

We need to increase their curiosity in studying nowadays children don’t like cramming theories and answers which are already available on the internet. They like trying out new possibilities and exploring its practical use.

They want to connect more with our surroundings, rather than being stuck with the lines of books and rote learning it. Teachers will find experiments to be very helpful in getting the minds of each student working actively.

Going 3-dimensional 

We are living in a three-dimensional world. We connect and perceive better with a 3-D representation. Our students have to imagine a lot when they are studying subjects like science, and geography. Many a time they cannot properly understand the arrangement and make-up of the landforms and the design of the body structure of different organisms and alignment of atoms in a compound.

By using as many models as possible, especially for science and geography. They will get an exact idea of the topic being explained, as models are actual accurate mini representation. It will help students to understand the structure of organs, the atom or the geographical landforms correctly.

Models also help to excite students and they start showing more interest and eagerness in learning new things. Classroom teaching becomes more interactive and students more willing to learn more.

More flexibility and promoting uniqueness

Giving freedom to students to express answers in the way they want. Generally, teachers want students to write in a specific way, in a specific format. Their minds are bound by this and even after knowing the correct answers they cannot express it freely and in their unique way. These restrictions start promoting a very mechanical approach towards answering a question or expressing themselves.

This somewhat takes away the creativity of a child. When we are inhibiting how a child wants to express himself/herself, we are restricting the overall development of their imagination. It’s high time now to allow our students to answer a question in their unique way, either by drawing and explaining or by writing in words or by using both methods.

This freedom will give birth to confidence among students who are uncomfortable in expressing themselves in very studious words. Pupils who have more aptitude towards arts can also feel comfortable and confident in answering these questions by the medium of their creative artistic minds. By this methodology, we will not force our children to fit themselves in a specific and particular form and format. It will help to preserve and promote their innate talent and thinking quality.

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Encouraging group discussion and introducing the system of feedback

Teachers need to promote more interaction among students and with themselves, so that they can speak their minds, express their ideas and views and develop a healthy habit of communicating freely without any inhibition or fear. When students do not fear the teacher they express their doubts and queries more freely.

They don’t keep the questions and confusion in their minds but speak it out and seek the correct answer. It helps them to think better, leads to more discoveries, inventions and develops a problem-solving attitude in children.

Environment based learning

We need to connect our students with the environment. Closed classrooms are not much of an inspiration. Children connect better when they are using all senses. It will strengthen and thinking capacity. Practical learning that is environment based nurtures ideas that directly correlate to benefit our immediate surroundings, they start understanding about the troubles in the world and connect with it.

They start appreciating mother nature and feel the need to prevent it from destruction by pollution. Our children foster a feeling of care and compassion for the trees and other creatures, This induces a very positive feeling and benevolence which helps in better development of their minds and personality.

A good school management software can help teachers to improve the teaching and the learning process.