With the beginning of a new decade, schools not only need to handle school administration but also keep track of students learning curve in real-time. In 2020, the focus is on imparting meaningful education to children and making sure the progress of each child is sustainable. For this, schools need a complete solution, which is a school ERP with LMS.

CAMPUSDEAN is the best school software of 2020 in India because of its amazing latest features and LMS integration. It is comprehensive and sustainable-solution for schools. With the help of this school management software, schools can now manage their administrative work and track the quality and progress of educational work, both from one platform.

Most importantly, the CAMPUSDEAN school management system has three school mobile apps for all the use of a school. With the help of school management software and mobile apps, it makes clerical tasks of a school easy and fast. It facilitates smooth and smart administration.

Schools have to manage a vast amount of data. Several things must run in proper synchronization for a school to run efficiently. Timely and correct information sharing is crucial in present times. Similarly, instant communication between school management, teachers, staff, parents, and students is the need of the hour.

This school management software gives schools amazing leverage to complete their tasks with minimal efforts. A trust can manage one school or multiple schools with complete ease with the help of the best school management system in India.

School Management Software System

What are the benefits of using the school management system- CAMPUSDEAN?

  • The scope of data duplication is fully reduced.
  • It is a perfectly safe and secure platform for keeping data.
  • Facility for fast data analysis and visualization with graphs and charts.
  • Searching for information or finding errors becomes simple and quick.
  • The activity of any person accessing the software is automatically saved.
  • Management can handle one or multiple schools from a single dashboard.
  • The facility of instant updates makes it difficult to tamper or manipulate the data.
  • As it is an online school software, all the data is available at any time anywhere.
  • However, to access any data, permission from the school management and a login-id is a must.
  • Communication and data sharing becomes fast among school administration, staff, teachers, and parents.
  • It is a cloud-based school management system, which eliminates the chance of data loss due to theft or natural calamities.

Digitalization has brought a revolution in the way we work now. It has made the most difficult tasks like extensive data management, a much simpler one. Hence, a School ERP streamlines all the tasks of a school. It is a sustainable solution for educational institutions today.

CAMPUSDEAN- the best school management software has several modules that make departmental work quite easy and fast.

  • Admission Management
  • Student Fee Management
  • Student/ Staff Attendance Management
  • Student Information Management
  • Examination Management
  • Class and Exam Timetable Management
  • Accounts Management
  • HR Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Hostel Management
  • School Transport Management
  • Report Generation and Management

CAMPUSDEAN is a school ERP that helps schools to manage their data most efficiently. It transfers paperwork to a digital platform that makes saving, editing, and sharing information superbly easy. Also, it facilitates timely updates of reports and quick communication.

CAMPUSDEAN has three exclusive school mobile apps for teachers, parents, and school management.

  • Teacher app- It helps teachers to enter marks and take attendance of students directly from the app. Teachers can see their schedule and leave taken.
  • Parent app- It keeps parents updated with the activities of their child at school. The class and exam timetables of the child are present in the app.
  • Management App- It keeps members of management up-to-date with important information like fees collected, fees due, number of students and staff, etc.

CAMPUSDEAN is not only the best school management software but also affordable software in India 2020. This School ERP is secure, comprehensive, and easy to use. Schools can send SMS/email in bulk. Schools can help save the environment by using the best school software in India. Contact us at 9727735599. Or visit our website www.campusdean.com for a Free Demo of CAMPUSDEAN school ERP.